Teamwire helps businesses to solve the Whatsapp problem,
increase productivity and improve team

Teamwire is a secure, fast and intuitive enterprise messaging app.





1:1 and Group Messaging


Personal Groups


Video and Voice Messaging

Teamwire allows you to easily exchange instant messages with individuals and with groups and teams.   You can create your own distribution lists to ensure one-click group messaging and sharing with selected contacts (e.g. sales or project team, management, marketing, etc).   You can easily exchange video and voice messages with teams and colleagues.  

Document and File Sharing


Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Apps


Customization of design

You can share documents and files of any kind, view them directly in the app. Teamwire supports all popular file formats (e.g. PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, Office).   Teamwire's enterprise messaging app is available for all platforms. Teamwire offers apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Linux.   You can customize the app with your own corporate logo, change the main colors of the app, according to your own corporate identity  




   Intuitive „Whatsapp for Enterprise“  
  Better Productivity and Communication  
  Usage on mobile, tablet and desktop  
  Strong Data Protection  
  Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premise Solution  
  Easy Administration and EMM Support  
  Integration in File Sharing and IT Ecosystem  





50% Less E-Mail

20% Less Meetings

15% Higher Motivation

25% Higher Productivity



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